White Shoulders Perfume By Evyan for Women 4.5 oz Cologne


The Evyan perfume company was created by Baron Walter Langer von Lagendorff as a love story to his wife, whose name, Evelyn Diane, was contracted to create the name of the brand. The company was inspired to create a magical American perfumery that wasn’t affiliated with Paris, the city considered to be the only place where quality fragrances were produced at the time. The dream was a success, and created many artful fragrances before closing. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.


White Shoulders Perfume by Evyan, One of the first fragrances created by Dr. Walter Langer for his new brand in 1943, White Shoulders is a floral ode to a beloved wife. This bright fragrance opens with gentle notes of aldehydes and orange blossom with hints of peach and bergamot. The middle blossoms with expressive notes of lilac, gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, and lily with tickles of lily of the valley and iris. As it dries down, the gentle base of civetta, oakmoss, musk, and benzoin combine with the piquant scents of sandalwood and amber to create a complex thrill of breathtaking fragrance.

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Aldehydes, bergamot, Olive blossom, Peach



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133.08 ml (4.5 oz)