English Dahlia Perfume By Yardley London for Women 3.4 oz Hand Cream


This product was launched in 2016 by Yardley London, one of the oldest perfume houses in existence. The company was founded in 1770 and has an impressive tradition of releasing soaps, skin products, hair products, bath products and talcum powders in addition to premium perfumes. All lavender used by the brand is carefully cultivated on a beautiful plantation in the South of England for a one-of-a-kind aroma. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.


English Dahlia Perfume by Yardley London, Exotic and juicy, English Dahlia captivates like nothing else. For an aura of old-world sophistication, it’s the perfect choice to pair with a favorite outfit. Top notes of apple and citrus provide a tangy opening that transitions to a heart of rose, peony and of course dahlia. Patchouli, cedar wood and musk ground the fragrance. Let your feminine side shine by spritzing a sprinkle of this gem after a shower to feel light and breezy all day long. The mist settles gently on your skin for an aura that’s just right.

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Apple, Citrus, Dahlia, heart of rose, peony

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Hand Cream

Tamanos de Perfumes

100 ml (3.4 oz)


Yardley London