Believe Perfume By Britney Spears for Women 3.4 oz Shower Gel


Awards, the Oscars of the fragrance industry. To date, after more than a dozen years in the business, Spears has released more than 20 perfumes, and Britney Spears fragrances have grossed a worldwide total of more than $1.5 billion.

No matter what her tastes may be, any woman is sure to find a Britney Spears perfume for her style, and PerfumateX has these scents at discount prices.


In the 1990s, pop music launched into a whole new era with the widely popular and controversial work of teenage signer Britney Spears. A Southern girl born in 1981, Spears exhibited an interest in the stage early in life and began her career on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Spears entered the music world at age 15 after a demo tape caught the attention of Jive Records, with whom she signed a development deal and, in 1999, released her debut album, …Baby One More Time. Her popularity exploded overnight, with her first album reaching number one on the charts and selling more than 10 million copies, an achievement that opened up many opportunities for her.

Spears has endorsed numerous products and brands through her career, but the most prominent are her Britney Spears perfumes. The first few Britney Spears fragrances were developed in cooperation with cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden. Her first perfume, called Curious and released in 2004, mixed sweet magnolia and vanilla in a pretty blue bottle that appealed to young women who wanted to wear a perfume that didn’t look or smell too mature. The following year, Spears came out with Fantasy, a Britney Spears perfume for her that broke the sales records that Curious set. Packaged in whimsical indigo and hot pink, this musky, fruity fragrance followed after Curious in offering a new, youthful scent and look that stood out from the crowd.

While other celebrity fragrance brands have started strong and gradually died out, Spears’s has maintained a prominence in the market. Her brand has had longevity, which many experts credit to the celebrity’s continued engagement with the development of Britney Spears perfumes. She takes an active part in selecting what goes into the bottle, giving the Britney Spears perfume line an authentic feel.

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