24 Platinum The Fragrance Cologne By Scentstory for Men 0.05 oz Vial (sample)


This captivating scent wears well throughout the year and features top notes of rose, orange, juniper berries and mandarin orange. Woody middle notes include galbanum, gurjan balsam and sandalwood. Supporting this fragrance are the aromatic base notes of white musk, amber and vanilla. Released by the traditional French perfume house of ScentStory, 24 Platinum The Fragrance is a noteworthy notch in their line of original fragrances meant to captivate the senses. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.


24 Platinum The Fragrance Cologne by Scentstory, 24 Platinum The Fragrance, from ScentStory, skillfully combines woody and aromatic notes to create a fragrance suitable for sophisticated ladies and gentlemen. Reminiscent of long nighttime walks through late summer gardens, this scent captures the allure of lovers meeting on a warm night under a glowing moon. Perfect for nighttime adventures, this fragrance also has what it takes to stand up to daytime outings, as well. With its long to very long-lasting nature and heavy sillage, this is one aroma that doesn’t shirk in attracting attention; no matter the season.

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1.48 ml (0.05 oz)